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This site was constructed and posted for the purpose of sharing technical information. Most of this will be by way of posting links to additional sites and other public document postings. The site will also have limited access pages to share individually requested information.


The Marine Technology Society''s ROV Committee, www.rov.org its annual conference, Underwater Intervention and the MATE Center websites are linked to assist students and potential donors, volunteers and business involved in the marine industry.

The ROV Committee is the largest of the Marine Technology Society and has a long history of promoting ROV related marine education.  Check it out. 

The Underwater Intervention Conference, www.underwaterintervention.com in addition to being a world class technical conference and trade show, raises a significant amount of money for scholarships and other programs for the next generation. Go to the site and see what UI has to offer.

MATE''s ROV Competition and summer institute are incredible venues to mentor teachers and students interested in the marine industry. Click here www.marinetech.org or on the MATE link to see just how effective these programs are and watch for a great new marine careers website.